Mid January

We just just returned from the THA meet in Abilene over MLK weekend, Cisco took a cottontail in fine style on Sunday morning, after a lackluster performance the previous afternoon. Here a picture of Cisco eating the head in a refuse pile. He was spooked and flew a few feet when Rob Palmer came around the corner.

Cisco has been catching birds too, with five this morning while rabbit hunting....I took him off squirrels for a while because of an abrasion on his toe.

  Farrah has also been catching birds...

Mid December

Farrah has steadily caught birds....

Six Pack

Another squirrel......

Not from today.....

Farrah's being accommodating

I have friends trying to get sparrows so that they can trap a Merlin or two. Farrah got wind of their situation and offered four......

Wednesday with Cisco

Cisco is on the same roll as last year. Hope he is not injured later... We hunted for an hour or two with good participation from Arnold the dog. It was muggy, warm, and overcast and I began to get tired. I yelled, "Five minutes Cisco!" He took that threat seriously, caught a squirrel, instantly parachuted down, the squirrel broke loose and he recovered it immediately. This is fifth squirrel of season and fifth in a row. Obligatory post hunt chillin' - demanded by Cisco

Late November

Farrah with bird
A lot going on. Cisco, after his ten month dry spell, caught that rabbit in Amarillo. Since then he has been very efficient with squirrels even if the last two hunts were odd, to understate it. Here's a slightly edited version of the text I sent to some friends: Today was to be a typical trip to the abandoned park where I hunt squirrels with Cisco. I brought Arnold the dog who helps keep squirrels up in the trees. Today ended up anything but typical. For about ten or fifteen minutes I believed that Cisco was dead, twenty five feet above me in some branches with his third squirrel in as many trips. This morning we hunted for about fifteen minutes when he connected (whack!) and I heard a squirrel squealing a sound vaguely like a squirrel call. Cisco didn't drop straight down right away so I tied up the dog. It was hard to get a clear view of the situation from the ground, but for a few minutes there was the usual tussle with some bell sounds. Then it got really …

Cisco's first catch since mid-January

A week ago in Amarillo, Texas on the way back to Houston, Cisco caught a rabbit. He had a long dry spell since his squirrel bite talon injury around New Year's took him out of the woods. Flying in the open fields he was a little too aggressive on his wing overs. I benched him until this fall, but squirrels have been scarce in Houston. He took this rabbit with ease on one forty yard flight. Upon arrival in Houston, rather than going straight home I took Farrah out west of Katy, TX to hunt birds. She caught one after about fifteen flights.  January 11, 2017